The Jester In Chief

A Warning of Chaos in America

In Tarot, The Fool represents abandonment of one’s self and encourages us to take a leap of faith, ignoring any possible consequences. Millions of Americans took that leap on election day when the most unlikely of candidates became the 45th president elect of the United States.

Donald Trump has been in the media spotlight for decades. A tacky, scandalous figure from the start, his campaign was no different. Outrageous claims and promises kicked off his run for the Republican nomination and the media (sure that they were witnessing one of history’s most humiliating debacles), covered his campaign with glee.

Trump will assume the presidency in just a few weeks and the entire political establishment, who by and large shunned him, have no choice but to accept the reality of his victory. The TV news media will have to sit in front of the cameras with egg on their face for the next four years and journalists who checked their bias at the door of this election will have to deal with a massive credibility problem.

But among the millions plus voters who didn’t vote for Trump, many have taken to the streets to denounce the results of the election and to declare in no uncertain terms that he does not represent them. Over the last several days, thousands of mostly young urban-dwellers have flooded the streets of America’s cities, blocking traffic, waving home-made posters and marching to voice their displeasure about the outcome.

While professional activism outfits like are behind many of these events, organizing and directing the crowds on the street, the fact that people are actually turning out for these marches in response to a presidential election is unprecedented in American history. Wether it is a visceral reaction to a patently absurd individual leading the most powerful nation on earth or a more sustained, ideological resistance remains to be seen.

What is clear, is that an effective majority of Americans felt the need to make a great leap into the unknown by electing a man who positioned himself opposite the establishment. Sending this “Fool” to the White House was their way of protesting against a government that is perceived to be increasingly pandering, weak and corrupt.

The uncertainty inherent in a Trump presidency was the catalyst both for those who voted for him and for the masses now demonstrating throughout the country. Nobody really knows what he’s going to do except for the people who will tell him what to do: The lobbyists, career government officials and the lords of finance. The onslaught he is about to receive from these and other interests will drown out any intentions he may or may not be entertaining regarding the plight of the everyday man.

The United States is currently engaged in several wars that advance a geopolitical agenda but are completely foreign to the interests of the American people. The so-called economic recovery is a house of cards that will implode sooner or later, when interest rates rise above zero. Unemployment levels are not only incredibly high, but millions of Americans will never get a decently paying job again because their re-training will never catch up to the rapid pace of technological advancement. All of these factors are coming to a head in the next few years and no one sitting in the Oval Office (man or woman) will have the power to change these realities.

One thing is certain: any civil unrest we are seeing now will pale in comparison to what lies ahead if we don’t know the true enemy. Trump is nothing but an empty suit. A sacred cow of identity politics politics, sure to get a rise out of Gandhi himself.

We are at a critical juncture in our history when, thanks to technology, we have more power at our fingertips than any generation that came before us. Future generations will curse us if we squander the opportunity to seize the moment and remake our failing socio-economic system. Just because the “leader of the free world” is a joke, we should not let him make a mockery out of us.

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