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Is Social Media Leading Humanity Down a Point of No Return? The Case Against Big Data's AI Take Over of Society

With the country hopelessly entranced by the 24/7 tabloid news cycle, Donald Trump does the bidding of transnational corporations and their lawyers, as point man for the globalist investment trade ...

Colin Kaepernick has just betrayed everything he ostensibly stood (or knelt) for by signing on to be the face of Nike’s recurring “Just Do It” campaign

Dade County approved BRT for South Dade over the Metrorail extension people want and need, continuing to avail themselves of problems they created to perpetuate the cycle of entrenched power ...
Alex Jones

The De-Platforming of Alex Jones, Gary Webb’s Revenge and the Last Gasps of the Fourth Estate

The Netflix phenomenon is taking on the Mexican drug war with Narcos:Mexico. But, is the real story dead on arrival?
American Dream

Miami's leadership is fond of dishing out platitudes as they continue to eviscerate our transit system. But, is anyone buying it?
Miami Soccer Stadium

Yesterday's special hearing for the Beckham-Malreese Stadium proposal shows us that Miami politics never changes. But this time, it might be different.

Florida Rep. McGhee (D) lays out the issues that beset Miami-Dade transit, emerging as a champion for neglected riders of a deteriorating system

How a secret government program of psychic soldiers delivered a rogue U.S. Customs official to federal authorities

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