Month: March 2018


Amazon who? Organizers of the eMerge Americas Conference want Miami to be the next Silicon Valley.
Easy Fix

Miami-Dade Transit needs funding and leadership, but not everything is a matter of local politics and money.
March For Our Lives

On March 24th, current and former mayors, as well as well as MSD and Miami Beach Senior high alumni, gathered with thousands of people gathered together for March for Our Lives in Miami Beach.

Thousands gathered early this morning at Miami Beach Senior High, where a carousel of Miami-Dade notables would speak before and after the march.

It's Ultra Music Festival time, and the kids are back with their short shorts, fishnet stockings and lollipops to let loose for a few days in Downtown Miami. We took some pictures.

Carlos Gimenez and the Marginal Comedy of Miami-Dade Transit
Stoneman Douglas

The Valentine's Day Massacre & Independent Journalism in the Crosshairs at Freedom's End

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