Signs, Flags & Bullhorns

The Resistance Comes to FIU

On the occasion of the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America that took place at Florida International University’s south campus, the “resistance” gathered to show their displeasure at the Trump administration. While Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson addressed attendees inside the Ernest R. Graham Center, protestors outside waved mostly anti-Trump and pro-immigration signs as they chanted anti-fascist slogans.

With protestors numbering in the low dozens, the momentum of liberal movement in Miami has floundered since it exploded on to the scene during the first days of the Trump presidency. Security was heavy on the ground and on the rooftops; both local and state police shared reconnaissance duties with the secret service and probably a few members of the security teams of the foreign leaders also present at the regional summit.

It remains unclear what the so-called resistance hopes to achieve and whether they are attracting anyone other than disgruntled Hillary voters to their pseudo political party. As Trump begins the second half of his first year in power, the shrieking voices calling for his head and drawing comparisons between him and Hitler appear to be fading into the inevitability of our day-to-day struggle to keep our jobs and pay our mortgages.

Real social movements cannot emerge from contrived social issues or perceived electoral slights in a system most of us distrust anyway. The crowds are bound to get smaller and smaller at these sponsored events because they are fighting a phony problem. The genuine problems are carefully hidden behind sensational media coverage of inconsequential matters and laser-like focus on the “presidential tweets”.

If a true resistance movement is to surface in the United States, it will be based on vital concerns like access to water or food. If our nation’s economic policies continue on their 4-decade-long path, that day will not be far off and you can be sure that protestors will be armed with more than cardboard signs, polyester flags and megaphones.

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