Month: June 2017

USCM 2017, Clean Energy

Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine, and over 150 Mayors from around the country committed to transition their cities to 100% clean energy by 2035
USCM 2017, Bloomberg

Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, came to Miami Beach today to announce his American Cities Initiative – a $200 million-dollar investment project spanning the country’s largest urban areas.
USCM 2017, Security

Panel broaches security challenges for cities around the United States at USCM 2017 in Miami Beach. But are they on the right track?
Bill Clinton

With hundreds of Mayors from around the country in town for the 85th USCM Annual Meeting, the former President dropped by to deliver a hopeful message to the little guys of politics.
Trump Cuba

A dead policy and how a generation that is unable to cope with change is holding back the world.
FIU, resistance

On the occasion of the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America, a few dozen people gathered at FIU to show their displeasure at the Trump administration.

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