Ghost On The Water Documentary

Ghost On The Water

Redemption, Renewal and the Fight for Mother Earth


The documentary examines the spiritual roots of environmental justice movements across America, confronting an unsustainable energy paradigm and the challenges of forging a new one.


Letter from the filmmaker

The debate about climate change has taken place, for the most part, in the scientific and political arenas. But, the deeper questions have yet to be asked. In this documentary, I intend to tackle the issues of our relationship to the environment at a more profound and intrinsic level. I will be searching for answers about the link between survival and dependency; how these factors inform our spiritual development and define civilization.

I started on this journey in November of 2016, using my own resources to finance production, paying for travel costs, gear and other necessities out of my own pocket. So far, I have flown to Washington DC twice and Los Angeles once as I followed the representatives of First Nations and their supporters in their struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

In order to complete this important project, I will need your help. Now that the Dakota Access Pipeline, in spite of the massive outcry, has begun operations, it is critical that we continue to spread the message that the Native people of this country are trying to deliver. This documentary will seek to move the conversation to a different level; a level that is completely out of reach to federal laws and the corporations they prioritize.

Please watch the trailer and continue reading through the rest of this presentation. If you believe that this documentary – Ghost On the Water – is a worthwhile endeavor, which can keep the conversation going and help bring about a shift in consciousness about our role on this planet, then I ask you to make a contribution to our current fundraiser to cover travel costs for two very important interviews.

Raul E. Diego

Filmmaker/Producer of Ghost On The Water


Overview of the sections that will be part of the documentary.

– A Question of Time –

First contact. How differences in the perception of time created a barrier between civilizations.

– Empire’s Blood –

Overview of energy paradigms in history and the rise of fossil fuels.

– Debt or Gratitude –

How our perception of nature determines our religious beliefs.

– Native Rise –

Standing Rock and the pipeline resistance movements.

– The Last Straw –

Water scarcity around the world and the move to privatize access.

– Medium of Reflection –

The meaning of water in Western culture vs. Pre-Columbian culture. Symbolism and uses.

– Lost Religion –

Ghost Dancers, Liberation Theology and scientific repression.

– River Wars –

The history of displacement and harnessing of river energy.

– Dirt Nap –

An energy paradigm in decline and the geopolitics of fossil fuels.

– Stalking The Paradigm –

Social and spiritual impact of moving towards a new energy model.


The more people we reach, the greater our chances to meet our fundraising goals, so if you can’t afford to part with some cash, please consider sharing.


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