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Founder & Editor of Deep City Chronicles, in pursuit of his passion as a writer, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker after too many years in the world of advertising and graphic design.

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Those who benefit and profit from an obsolete energy paradigm will do everything in their power to maintain it. Wether it’s our government protecting the interests of big oil with ...

Dennis Kucinich delivered an inspirational speech addressing Standing Rock at the Washington Monument on Sunday, November 27, 2016.

Thousands of people gathered in downtown Miami for an Anti-Trump march on November 11, 2016. Deep City Chronicles was there.

In Tarot, The Fool represents abandonment of one’s self and encourages us to take a leap of faith, ignoring any possible consequences. Millions of Americans took that leap on election ...

On June 27th, 2016, former Chilean army lieutenant Pedro Pablo Barrientos Nuñez was found “liable” by a U.S. District Court for the murder of revered Chilean folk singer, Victor Jara, ...

In a burgeoning global culture, can such a thing as ‘western’ civilization even exist? Some will rightly question whether we are, in fact, building a global culture or simply consolidating ...

Perhaps Mr. Wheeler was poisoned by his neighbor and thrown in a trashcan over a blocked view of his driveway. Or, maybe he was a good neighbor after all, willing ...

History, as we all know, is written by the victors. Implicit in this celebrated phrase, coined by Winston Churchill, is that there must be a loser -- the one that ...

Far away in a land known for fog came a news story. Not something you would run and tell a neighbor, not even something that would keep you from flipping ...

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