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Bill Clinton

With hundreds of Mayors from around the country in town for the 85th USCM Annual Meeting, the former President dropped by to deliver a hopeful message to the little guys ...
Trump Cuba

A dead policy and how a generation that is unable to cope with change is holding back the world.
FIU, resistance

On the occasion of the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America, a few dozen people gathered at FIU to show their displeasure at the Trump administration.
Venezuelan Congressman

Venezuelan congressman, Julio Montoya delivers impassioned speech to crowd in Miami during a rally for Venezuela on Cuban independence day

A documentary that examines the spiritual roots of environmental justice movements across America, confronting an unsustainable energy paradigm and the challenges of forging a new one.

The Big Bang Theory” has been a highly successful situation comedy on NBC and it wouldn’t seem wrong to assume that science is the thematic basis for the show’s title. ...

Tallahassee wants to cut funding for The New World School of The Arts, one of the most successful public school programs in the country. But it's not very likely, even ...

Woodstock had brought over 400,000 people together for a four-day festival of music and art, which marked the end of a decade of social strife in America, where anti-war protests, ...

Thousands of Venezuelans gather at the Freedom Tower in Miami for a rally Against Maduro's regime - April 19, 2017

Every city has something that sets it apart, an intangible quality that makes people want to stay forever or leave immediately. It is determined as much by geography as it ...

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