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Founder & Editor of Deep City Chronicles, in pursuit of his passion as a writer, photojournalist and documentary filmmaker after too many years in the world of advertising and graphic design.

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The Contradictions of SoftBank's Top Executive in Miami and the Reactionary Toadies Selling Us Out

How Miami's Cocaine Wars, Anti-Communist Paranoia and Racism Have Conspired to Keep Miami's Transit System Going Nowhere

Koch Industries and the Subversive Legacy of America’s Most Powerful Private Empire | Long Read

How Koch Industries took the U.S. Congress, then the White House and the fossil fuel giant's six-year plan to kill the EPA

Koch's war against labor and the push to deregulate the energy market

The subversion of the American legal system by Charles Koch and the enemies of democracy

How a fossil fuel company's CEO and a group of oligarchs took America hostage

Climate change has finally begun to break through to mainstream consciousness, but the wolves are at the door

How the gun violence epidemic in America is aided and abetted by a religion of state that is finding converts around the world

On the 58th Anniversary of the Bay of Pigs, the American Political Establishment Looks to Replace the Cuban Exile Community in Miami

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