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    Calle Ocho

    After forty years of moving to the rhythms of Salsa and Rumba, then incorporating the sounds of Norteñas and Bachata, it looks like the Calle Ocho has finally reached its midlife crisis.

    How a secret government program of psychic soldiers delivered a rogue U.S. Customs official to federal authorities

    The Blood-drenched, Gun-toting, Mass Murder for Freedom Crowd Wants You to Know that J-Lo and Shakira Shook the Moral Foundations of ...
    Bill Clinton

    With hundreds of Mayors from around the country in town for the 85th USCM Annual Meeting, the former President dropped by ...

    Propaganda is at fever pitch and it's just a matter of time until America's foreign bellicosity comes home

    Perhaps Mr. Wheeler was poisoned by his neighbor and thrown in a trashcan over a blocked view of his driveway. Or, ...
    Stoneman Douglas

    The Valentine's Day Massacre & Independent Journalism in the Crosshairs at Freedom's End

    Climate change has finally begun to break through to mainstream consciousness, but the wolves are at the door

    Every city has something that sets it apart, an intangible quality that makes people want to stay forever or leave immediately. ...

    Florida Rep. McGhee (D) lays out the issues that beset Miami-Dade transit, emerging as a champion for neglected riders of a ...
    USCM 2017, Security

    Panel broaches security challenges for cities around the United States at USCM 2017 in Miami Beach. But are they on the ...

    The information revolution is far more than a technological phenomenon, despite Silicon Valley’s best efforts to keep it one

    History, as we all know, is written by the victors. Implicit in this celebrated phrase, coined by Winston Churchill, is that ...

    Carlos Gimenez and the Marginal Comedy of Miami-Dade Transit

    How a fossil fuel company's CEO and a group of oligarchs took America hostage
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