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    Venezuelan Congressman

    Venezuelan congressman, Julio Montoya delivers impassioned speech to crowd in Miami during a rally for Venezuela on Cuban independence day

    Is Social Media Leading Humanity Down a Point of No Return? The Case Against Big Data's AI Take Over of Society

    Most people think of Miami as a tourist destination, but it is a far more important destination for the World Wide ...

    The Plot to Kill Castro, Frank Sinatra as the Mob's Errand Boy and How Ricky Ricardo Almost Slept with the Fishes

    Those who benefit and profit from an obsolete energy paradigm will do everything in their power to maintain it. Wether it’s ...

    The Super-Corrupt Elites Behind the NXIVM Sex-Cult
    FIU, resistance

    On the occasion of the Conference on Prosperity and Security in Central America, a few dozen people gathered at FIU to ...
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