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    Thousands of Venezuelans gather at the Freedom Tower in Miami for a rally Against Maduro's regime - April 19, 2017
    Miami Soccer Stadium

    Yesterday's special hearing for the Beckham-Malreese Stadium proposal shows us that Miami politics never changes. But this time, it might be ...

    The story of the classic hit song and the persistence of creativity
    USCM 2017, Bloomberg

    Former New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, came to Miami Beach today to announce his American Cities Initiative – a $200 million-dollar ...

    How the Expat Venezuelan Community in Miami is Being Hustled to Sell Out Their Country

    In a burgeoning global culture, can such a thing as ‘western’ civilization even exist? Some will rightly question whether we are, ...

    It's Ultra Music Festival time, and the kids are back with their short shorts, fishnet stockings and lollipops to let loose ...

    The subversion of the American legal system by Charles Koch and the enemies of democracy

    Maram Susli shines a ray of light into the Syrian conflict, revealing the forces and interests that are trying to destroy ...
    American Dream

    Miami's leadership is fond of dishing out platitudes as they continue to eviscerate our transit system. But, is anyone buying it?
    USCM 2017, Clean Energy

    Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine, and over 150 Mayors from around the country committed to transition their cities to 100% ...

    The Role of Operation Gladio in the Subversion of Latin America

    On June 27th, 2016, former Chilean army lieutenant Pedro Pablo Barrientos Nuñez was found “liable” by a U.S. District Court for ...

    Thousands gathered early this morning at Miami Beach Senior High, where a carousel of Miami-Dade notables would speak before and after ...

    Koch's war against labor and the push to deregulate the energy market
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